World Of Tanks Blitz Camo – Realism Skins How To Guide for IOS 9

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Every time i start using camo skins i get the same bunch of questions! HOW DO YOU GET THOSE SKINS!!!!

Well this time i’m just going to cut the masses off at the pass and post up a how to vid for all to see.

YOU MUST BE JAILBROKEN for this to work. If you are looking at doing this there is a jailbreak available for ios 9 by the inimitable PANGU team here

If you do decide to jailbreak (UP TO YOU HIPPY) then be sure to back up to itunes first or you could be very very…


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  1. Hi Bushka, I need some help.
    I played wot blitz on a pc. Is there any way I can use my own camouflage? I designed one for that competition last month.
    How can I set it up?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Bushka, just to let you know the realism camo skins seem to have gone from the server and been replaced by a hit skins mod. With the camo skins installed, I could not update Blitz to 2.3, so had to uninstall the game and reinstall. Went to Cydia to reinstall the realism camo skins, via the blue shield entry in the server, and found I had a hit skin mod instead. Maybe your Russian speaking friend can check what's happened?

  3. Thread on the NA forum is saying the mod team has broken up and files are no longer accessible. Pity, watched this last night and blimey, there's eye candy in the garage, had me really interested in jailbreaking again…

  4. Just a great vid ! I'm not gonna do this just yet… Wary of jail breaking my iPad I don't wanna do something I might regret. I'm a big chicken yeah. But anyway how many extra "kills" per game is this camo worth. I'm betting at least two extra per game (wink wink).

  5. Hey man. Nice vids used to be in ur clan seem like a nice guy I got kicked though so never get to talk to you anymore. Hope to see more content. I might start uploading again as I have better technology

  6. I have 8.4 jailbreak and all the mods are outdated. The camo minimap and sixthsense dont work. Only the battle loading screen and the reticle and the russian crew still works. The battle screen i find particulary useful since it highlights all mediums in red. Hopefully they update them soon since my blitz is getting bland

  7. If only WG would add in camos so we wouldn't have to jailbreak our ipads. Like its not a complex thing to add in, its just having the ability to change the colours of our tanks. Great video as always for helping those who want skins at the moment anyways.

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