Samsung TV Problem Turning On – How to Repair Fix

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Samsung LCD TV’s have problems turning on. Well known problem due to bad capacitors on the power supply. Class Action Lawsuit should be filed. I am in Canada and looking for people to join me. Samsung is not accepting responsibility and my $1500 TV is just older than the warranty period. I had to fix it myself but I bought 2 other Samsung TV’s and Blu-Rays at the same time and now I’m praying they aren’t affected. I will never buy Samsung again.

UPDATE: Captions added! (for people who can’t understand RoboGirl voice)
More Juicy Details:

1. TV bought February 2008, but was manufactured in 2007 !! Samsung says they count warranty from 2 years from date of manufacture, NOT when sold to user! What B.S. is this ?

2. Timeline: Bought Feb. 2008, started slowing power-up during winter 2010-11 (about 2.5 years after bought). Couldn’t take it anymore, replaced caps in April 2011. TV still working fine as of April 2015 (5 years later).

TV now running longer on replaced CAPS than the ones originally from Samsung!


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