Redmi K20 pro vs Oneplus 7, Honest Comparison

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Redmi K20 Pro Unboxing:
Oneplus 7 Unboxing:
Redmi K20 Pro & K20 Antutu:
Redmi K20 Pro vs Oppo reno 10x vs Oneplus 7 pro Honest Comparison:
Redmi K20 Pro vs Oneplus 7 pro Detailed Camera Comparison:
Redmi K20 Pro, Oppo reno 10x, Oneplus 7 pro Antutu:
Redmi K20 Pro, Oppo reno 10x,…


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  1. 2:30 & 2:38 My apologies for an editing error, name tags of the phones are swapped. I wish my subscribers would forgive me.

    Battery, Camera, and Gaming will be covered in the next part.
    Please don't forget to make a comment with your thoughts and ideas. Please Like, Share & Subscribe.

  2. Illetrate guy even not able to pronounce app drawer clearly and why u giving personal opinion u already purchased ur phone so let user be choose the design and UI most of us will surely like K20 pro design and that popup with light

  3. this is just your hate for redmi nothing else.Actually you would been have paid by oneplus to show only the good features of onplus 7 .Redmi k20 is real winner for its price and such specs.😊

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