iOS 12.3 Beta 5 – What's New?

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iOS 12.3 Beta 5 is out to all registered developers and soon to Public Beta testers. I show you what’s new, talk about battery life, speed and tell you what to expect from iOS 12.3 Beta 5 on your device. #iphone #iOS #Apple

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  1. Hi Zollotech, you seem like the right person to ask this. Do you experience LTE outages? I constantly have times where my LTE goes out and I have to put my iPhone into airplane mode and back to get it working again.

  2. I have an issue with 12.3 beta 3 and 4 where health kit won’t send data to any devices asking for health data. Does this fix this issue or have you not encountered it?

  3. This is why we use iPhones. iOS is unbelievably smooth and consistent and fast. My iPhone se being a phone from 2016 still runs so fast.

  4. Had a weird bug i never encountered before today with my iPhone XS Max 512GB. I thought it Messages locked up. Touchscreen went unresponsive in Messages, YouTube search and other apps when trying to type message or when searching something. I was going to restart but i when locked then unlocked the phone it was fine again. Very strange behavior only happened on 12.3 beta 5.

  5. I’ve noticed that my phone service for like WiFi and regular internet to download applications has been slightly slower but then when I got the update earlier today everything was top notch quality definitely getting my money’s worth

  6. Everything for me is getting better with each one. With every other one sucking for my battery! This seems stable of the bat,and i like that. Cel and WiFi connects easily now…….its starting to be the phone it should have been 6 months ago! I am happier with each update though. I never really know what its updating ,so i glad i found your videos…….for people like me ,tat read release notes,but still don’t understand ??

  7. Hey Aaron, how come battery health on all of your phones are at 100% even after a few months of usage? Don't you game on your phones? High end games? The other day I came across a few posts claiming that playing graphic intensive games like fortnight, pubg, etc takes a toll on battery health. A simple Google search can show you those posts.
    Do you play high end games on your phone? Probably not.

    I have an iPad, and whether or not graphic intensive games are truly harmful in the long run, that's what I want to know

  8. Why my iPhone XS Max is not getting 12.3 Beta 5 update??
    I bought iPhone XS Max yesterday but My iPhone XS Max is currently running on iOS 12.2
    I checked the software update but it shows your software is up to date
    Why is that??

  9. You big liar what speed feels good as if it was slow in 12.1.4 or even older version even if it improves performance, it is by micro seconds which is unnoticeable. Shut up and die

  10. i think so iOS 13 would be available on iPhone 6 and 6+ or maybe from iPhone 6s and 6s+ because iPhone 6 got only 1 GB RAM and a old A8 CHIP so its unlikely for apple to release iOS 13 for older devices but i think it would be available for iPhone SE and later versions which as minimum of 2GB of RAM

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